There is no option to change the time format

Although the option to change the time format is mentioned in the documentation, within the settings (and also in the screenshot shown in the documentation) this option is not available. Is it possible to change the general time format or view that option?
This is the link to the official documentation: System Settings


As mentioned in the documentation, this option is available under System Settings.

Which version as you using? Could you share a screenshot of the System Settings of your account?

What version are you using? I think this is something available in v13 and develop right now, not on older versions.

Hi michelle,
I’m referring to the time format, not the date format.
I would like to set the format to HH: mm instead of HH: mm: ss.
The version I am currently using is this:
erpnext 12.11.2
frappe 12.9.1

Hi @Tiziano_Pedrazzoli,

Apologies for the earlier response. I misread the question. This is added in the latest version (v13) as seen below.

Thanks Michelle.
Forgive me but then I have another question: can I update erpnext while keeping the changes I made in my custom app (doctype, field, script …).
I have already created the repository on github and uploaded everything.

Yes, you can do that

Thank you, i have just update and i find the format option.
I used this method:

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