Time Clock / Task Tracking Module

hi guys,
im looking to get developed a Time Clock / Task Tracking module, i try for weeks to find a freelancer but no luck.

what i need is:
a custom desktop/UI for my Employees where you can login with a PIN#
after you login you can clock-in for the work day, after you clock in you see the projects the employee is assigned to with all the Tasks he is assigned for each project. (Projects and Tasks a listed by highest priorities).
the employee can select a task, after selecting the task he can clock in the Task and after he clocks in he sees any messages or attached files for that Task, he can switch between task without clocking in and out if needed .
If a task is completed he can clock out that task and marks it completed or if he can’t finish the task he can put the task on hold and attach a message why the task is on hold.
End of the workday he can clock out from work and sees how many hours/min he worked that day.

Project managers can see how much time each employee needed for each task, what task is still in work, what task in completed or on hold.
Accounting can see the total hours worked by day/week for each employee.

We would be interested to do a sponsor development that would be a very helpful feature for many companies
maybe there are a few people on here to go in on it??


here is a screenshot of a login UI what i like https://www.timesheets.com.au/images/au/screen_timeclock_1.jpg


@chrisnyc did you post this on upwork.com ?

Yes I did, I posted a job twice on it

@chrisnyc, Did you get any response? did you post a budget?

Hi Chris,

I’m very much interested and looking for the same functionality.
This functionality is so basic that I’m always surprised that it isn’t already implemented in every administrative software solution.

Have you gotten anywhere with this?

I too am interested in this feature.


Start a bounty!

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Is this feature already been implemented?

based on this topic (and the fact you where asking for it in your linked topic) I’d say ‘probably not’.

It could be a job to take a lead in this and try to push things forward (finding company, other interested parties, lining out functional specifications (and how it interacts with other parts of ERPNext) and then see how this can be implemented (incl. considering putting your own funds on such a development and/or getting other to contribute to it).

Does that sound like a task you’d be willing and able to take on?

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Thank you for your insight.

Yes, I am willing to take on this task.

I asked this just to make sure I am not reinventing the wheel.

I guess what you’ll have to study is “Attendance” and maybe “Time Sheet” functionality as a point to start from.

Especially Attendance. At present it (surprisingly I think) only allows to record full and half days. I think this needs to be enhanced anyway, so it should be part of implementing a punch in/punch out system.

Actually Odoo has a nice feature … just a button on top of the screen let’s employees punch in (button turns green) and punch out (button turns and red) by a simple click which results into records in their Attendance Module.

Unlike ERPNext (which has one record per attendance (full day or half day, without even specifying the time) it records ‘in’ and ‘out’ points and calculates attendance time (in hours:min:sec) logically based on that. So the tricky think is whether someone does not sign out he’ll get an Attendacne that may last several days. This can be corrected manually in retrospect)


I tried to find developers for over a year on upwork.com but no luck

Thank you very much!

@jeremybcenteno if you have detailed specs on what you want, we can help you get it built!

Another thread about linked requirements

Has there been any progress on this request? I too see value in the functionality and as vrms states as issues is still the case.

I’m interested in creating such a module if I can find a project mentor and a bit of funding. Cross-referencing relevant Github ticket: [HR] Checkin and Checkout buttons for Attendance · Issue #428 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi @rmehta
I am inclined to spend time helping to develop it, but I have no experience with the frappe framework. I have some experience with python and back-end developing that could help and we could achieve something if I can have some guidance and the relevant documentation.

*** I may very well be underestimating the amount of work necessary ***, but in that case, I will take my time to do it and it is going to be ready when it gets ready.

What I think is, for users that are not necessarily clocking in - per project, a standard location with a standard defined cost account could be selected, let’s use for this example the main office receptionist.

1 - She comes, signs in. this action would clock her in. - Her timer starts.
2 - Her, she works in general tasks through the day, not billable to projects but to the company main infrastructure.
3 - At lunch/breaks, she clicks the button at the top of the screen to freeze the timer and a break time starts. when she comes back click the same button to freeze the brak timer and re-start the timesheet timer.
4 - At the end of the day she signs out. That would clock her out.
5 - If so many time has passed without her clocking out after her shift, an email is shot to her supervisor/approver with links to either clock her out or approve overtime hours.

This is how I would like the workflow to be here at least.
I know it is an older post but I think it is still relevant.


Is there any new about this? In the company where im working, are lookin for the same module

Any updates on this?