Tree View issue

Parent_doctype is link field is rgt? what you give in option?

yes it is link field and i have given the same doctype… like my doctype is Mobile Sales Team and i have given the Mobile Sales Team in options… rgt is Int field

That worked for me …see the link you are missing anything

This is the error logs, how can see here which thing i miss ??

When I try to add a child node into another child, it give me error
“Item cannot be added to its own descendents”…
I just couldn’t understand how to overwrite this error which is coming from class because we have inherited nestedSet class

why you try to add child node to another child node ? child node have own parent directly you can add. This error shown one entry to add own(child node name have another child name)

Pls explain how to you add child node to another child node?