Try Bench Restore?

we have a problem in our system. what if i try bench restore ? what happen if ill try ?

bench restore command takes a .sql backup and restores it in your database

we have a problem in our system

Please describe the problem then users can help you sort it out.

Share the steps and the errors you are encountering. It will make it easier for them to deduce what is the cause and how to mitigate it

hi guys thanks for your response.

once ill try to log in our system this what happen.

start mysql service via sudo systemctl mysql start

this error occurs when mysql service has shutdown or was not started

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Mysql crash happens due Date exchange or you extremely shut down bench start(directly closing terminal )
if sudo systemctl mysql start not worked
then change your system date to current date
restart your system
use: following command

  1. sudo mysqld --tc-heuristic-recover=ROLLBACK
    in this rollback process end it will says restart mysqld with –tc-heuristic-reocver
  2. sudo service mysqld restart
    and then check mysql status
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