TypeError: make_shopify_log() got an unexpected keyword argument 'method'

Hello Guys
there are thousands of erpnext developers and users, please;
Any update about erpnext_shopify module,
error raised in new installation?
when I save shopify_setting file I get this error
please look at this issue

Hi @root13F thanks for replying
i am in branch master

i’m pulling
i’v only one branch which is master

checkout out to develop

The error stems from the definition of make_shopify_log in erpnext_integrations.

on develop, in erpnext_integrations/doctype/shopify_settings/shopify_settings.py

the function make_shopify_log is being imported from here

from erpnext.erpnext_integrations.doctype.shopify_log.shopify_log import make_shopify_log

then it is called here

except Exception as e:
				make_shopify_log(status="Warning", method="register_webhooks",
					message=e.message, exception=False)

and when look at the definition of function, then we find that the argument method being passed is actually not specified:

def make_shopify_log(status="Queued", message=None, exception=False):

@Zia_Akbari I recommend you open a github issue on this. I am sure it will be taken up and fixed. I’m not a contributor hence I cannot help directly but this is all I can do. Now create a github issue and mention all this specifically so they’ll be able to fix it better.

All the best

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if I specify the argument ‘method’ to function def, then how to initialize it? do I have to copy the samething? or…

I have not worked on erpnext_shopify so I don’t know exactly how that argument method is being used. But I’m sure that simply specifying it won’t help your case.

Hence I recommend you open an issue mentioning your error and screenshots. It seems to have been done recently so somebody would help

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see here TypeError: make_shopify_log() got an unexpected keyword argument 'method' erpnext - #2 by Ranjith

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