Unable to Cancel DN because of Serial No

Hi, I’m facing an issue as I want to cancel a DN but that says that serial number is in transition so DN can’t be cancelled while if I cancel Serial Number then it asks to cancel DN first. How to solve this loop?


Was it some kind of internal transfer?

Generally, if the DN is made to a customer the COGS is booked for the company with the serial nymber being stocked out.

The error message doesn’t come up in such cases.

No, DN issued to a customer. I even tried to cancel SO but that DN is not going to cancel in any case. I even checked that serial number and that showed ‘Delivered’. Is there any other work around for this?

This is not happening with all DNs, but just one DN.

Please make sure you backup the database before you do anything. Usually tinkering with DB is always risky. You never know how it impacts other transactions as well. It could also lead to entire DB being corrupted.

goto frappe-bench folder. Then use below cmds

bench mariadb

(if there are no other sites installed. If other sites are there use --site sitename)

UPDATE tabDelivery Note SET docstatus = ‘0’ WHERE name = ‘your delivery note number’;

use ` before and after tabDelivery Note in the above command. Something like below as example

I tried but facing the below error: