Unable to run ERPNext on virtual machine

My Laptop has 64 bits infrastructure and my windows 10 is also 64 bits. but I can’t run this ERPNext

“When I import this to virtualbox and changing guest OS to Ubuntu 32Bit and launch it it gets stuck on the below screen forever.”

Is this your problem - why do you switch to 32bit?

Because of my main problem for which I started this thread. I get error message: Hardware acceleration is not available in your machine so ERPNext may fail.

I just opened Task manager, Performance Tab where it says Vertualization "NOT CAPABLE"

. THAT MEANS I WILL HAVE TO BUY NEW PC: cry: :disappointed_relieved::sleepy::sweat::cry:

Any other option than Virtualbox as my PC is not capable of virtualization and I can not buy a new PC for ERPNext. I read somewhere that Windows 10 has capability to run UBUNTU as WSM. Can that work for ERPNext running on windows 10?

Cheaper option is to get a VPS from Digital Ocean. Get a $5 monthly. Use as much as you want and destroy when you are done. A server is created in less 5 minutes.

@Amarjeet_Singh_Sintu I’ve tried installing ERPNext on Ubuntu for Windows 10 but installation fails when trying to set up locale. I’ve tried multiple times but it always fails at this stage. I check the error log and try to fix the error causing the failure but it persists. So to answer you question, it is unfortunately no.

In my part of the world used Dell T5400 dual processor quad core desktop PC’s work for me…

edit: I also run CentOS and not Windows that helps too :slight_smile:

How many users can I create and will that cost me per user basis by getting VPS from DO??

Can you guide me step by step how to install ERPNext on Digital Ocean VPS?. I have no idea about VPS and Digital Ocean.

It has nothing to do with ERPNext user limits. You can create as many users in ERPNext as you want. DO pricing is based on vCPU, RAM, SSD and data transfer. Plus you get a static IP for each droplet. You can start with the 1 GB memory and upgrade when you feel it is slowing down.

Usually, the $10 droplet with 2 GB RAM works very well. In addition you can swap your SSD if you need more RAM power. There is no magical formula here, it all depends on your use case.

Hers a link of ERPNext installation I shared for another user who was facing an issue. This works for us perfectly, never had an issue (touchwood!!)

Hope this helps.

So you mean If I uninstall windows and install ubuntu then ERPNext might work on my system as I would not need virtualization then?

Yes that or you could dual boot - search for eg ‘ubuntu dual boot windows’


if you install Ubuntu direct on system and using erpnext direct on it then it will work no need virtualization
but in case you want to use virtual box image copy then you need virtualization

To escape from virtualization. I signed up for google cloud ERPNext. And it seems it’s working fine for me.

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gr8…that must be Bitnami’s ERPNext right !!

Yes Bitnami ERPNext image. Does it have some shortcomings?

Have read issues with Bitnami from few posters on forum. I cant confirm anything as I have never used that. Always stuck to DO or Vultr. If not a local Ubuntu server machine. If it working fine then no need to search further.

I changed from bitnami to ubuntu on GCP. Though could not figure out how to backup from bitnami and restore to ubuntu. I used another backup file and entered manually the 5 days record. Thanks everyone for your valuable inputs :heart_eyes_cat: