Unable to submit purchase invoice: Debit and Credit not equal for this voucher


I’m getting the exact same error message “Debit and Credit not equal for Purchase Invoice #PINV-00025. Difference is 0.06”. Is there a permanent fix for this problem or do I have to increase the float precision as workaround solution?

Please advice.

Wee Nee

Which version?

@rmehta i’m on version 5.1.2.

@rmehta Any feedback on this?

This should have been updated. Floating point differences are automatically rounded off.

I’m also having this problem.

Hello ERPNXT experts i’m also getting same problem .
error is following
“Debit and Credit not equal for purchase invoice #PINV-00001. Differance is 0.08”
i try all logic’s which discuss early but still not moving ahead.
please suggest me how to solve this issue .
m using
ERPNext: v6.21.0
Frappe Framework: v6.22.0

Please check image which attached here.


This is weird, do you have a customization?

Hello @rmehta , sir i didn’t make any customization in this
why don’t you check directly from my account …
please find my id = 1worldguru@gmail.com
as per my little knowledge i try my best to find solution on this
but sir i’m failure to find correct solutions … this problem not finding in
purchase order or purchase receipt … in this both docs system have auto rounding facility
but in purchase invoice i didn’t find this options .
check below images for reference.


I’m also having this problem.
My actual Erpnext version is v6.21.6, updated yesterday.
The error message is “Debit and Credit not equal for Purchase Invoice #URA-3-2016. Difference is 0.05.”
I changed the float precision from 2 to 6 decimals but nothing.

CC @nabinhait

@1worldguru and @Mladen_Jelavic please create a record in the demo.erpnext.com. It will help to analyse the case and to fix it.

Pushed a fix [fix] GLE for Rounding loss allowed upto 1 for all transactions except JE by nabinhait · Pull Request #4838 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub


i have the same problem after updating to latest version. I am not able to cancel document created from POS. This is the error

How could i cancel this document?

Should i create issue on github for this?

Can you replicate the issue? If yes, then please create a record in demo.erpnext.com and add the link of the record in the github issue.

this is quite dificult to replicate. I have this on 2 pos invoice. Could i delete them from database and create it again? Will i have some kind of error after that?


I have a similar error , from a submitting invoice SINV-03077
giving error Debit and Credit not equal for Sales Invoice #SINV-03077. Difference is -0.5.
can you please help with a solution

All these errors are related to data, really difficult to replicate. If you can replicate the error in demo.erpnext.com, please create the invoice and share the invoice number.