Unicode support for SMS

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We all know that Sms could be sent via ERPNext from a feature called Sms center, where you could customise and link any service provider by an API.
We run a farmer helpline project(kisanmitra) in Telangana State, India for which we are using ERPNext as CRM for documenting issues. Our customers bein farmers would understand mostly the local language which is Telugu.
Currently we have seen ERPnext doesn’t support Unicode, because of which Sms sent in local languages are not being delivered.
Would like to know if anyone else has the same requirement, especially ERPNext being used as last mile tool too for Sales, and if we could build the Unicode support within SMS, and if anyone knows if there are any pressing issues with developing the same.

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Up to a point using ERPNext with python 3 will help as python 3 does support unicode fully. Certainly a number of issues relating to chars not normally available occur when using it with Python 2.7. Please be aware that python 3 support was added only recently so test carefully to check if this might help you

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As explained by @Julian_Robbins can we check if the unicode issue is due to the versioning.
@saurabh-bhosale @riddhimaan could you please confirm if its related to anything with version we are using. As I know we are already using V10 . Are we already on Python 3 ?

Automatic regional translation may not happen, you may have to store the translated message in the ERPNext database (it allows storage of unicode characters) and send it. Depending on the SMS API you are using, they support unicode message sending. Some even detect a unicode message automatically. If you need an SMS provider that supports unicode messages, then I can suggest one based on my experience but if your problem is automatic translation of messages, that would not happen automatically

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