Update App in Only One Site

Hi everyone,

How can we update an app in only one site?

When i run “bench update”, it updates the app in all the sites i’ve created.

Please help me with this. I want to show same app working in two different ways in two sites in two different ports in my server. Its really urgent

You cant do that. the code base is same for a app across all sites. You might need to create two instances of bench to achieve this.

okey, i get it.
I am having two sites in two ports in my server. so we can’t run same app with different codes installed on two sites.

Can i duplicate an app (say erpnext to newerpnext) and make my changes there , so that i don’t have to make it from the beginning?

This will not be fully supported by bench tool or ERPNext.
You can setup another user under linux box similar to frappe and then manually install bench for this new user. It will be difficult for you to manage updates and config files modifications, but if you have system admin skills, you can manage those with the help of cronjob and couple of scripts.

That works,

I believe he meant the same.
Thanks @neilLasrado and @yashodhan

I didn’t get what you mean by this. Please explain a little.
For the moment i use ftp.

@ninjas005 maybe I am repeating myself here … a dockerized installation (which does not exist production ready yet) would nicely support your scenario.

here some links if you are interested to follow the state of the discussion

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