Updating manufactured quantity in production order


I am trying to use ERPNext for our small box manufacturing unit. Though we start with a specific quantity in sales order, we don’t end up producing the same amount in production due to various reasons. Looking at one of the videos, I though I could change the number of items manufactured when 'finish’ing the production order. However it doesn’t let me change the value from original ‘qty to manufacture’. Is there any way to change the items produced from what is initially planned?

In addition, I will also need to update the materials used as we can’t stick to BOM always. Looks like it is a problem in other verticals as well like How can I make changes to a production order during production? - #3 by bkm


This feature is not available for now. For now, please create Github Issue for suggesting this feature.

Some work-arounds which will help you continue using ERPNext.

  • In the Production Order, do not update Sales Order ID.

  • Create Production Order for item for same Qty as in SO. In the Manufacturing Settings, update “Allow Over Production Percentage”. This will allow you to create Manufacture Entry of more than Production Order qty.

Hope this helps.

Checked this setting…but still the system doesn’t allow to produce greater qty than planned qty.
Why? Using latest V8.0.8

“Manufactured Qty (0.76) cannot be greater than planned quanitity (0.75) in Production Order PRO-00001”

Thanks @umair. I have created Allow updates to raw material and manufactured quantity in production order · Issue #8436 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub. In the mean time, I would like to experiment with this new request. Do you think it is a good idea to use the same ‘over production’ setting to implement this new feature?