Updating naming series not working


I’m using v5.0.19. When updating naming series format, it turned back to default series upon save.

Cant replicate, some screenshots will surely help.

Default series for sales invoice is SINV-
ThenI changed it to SINV-.YY.-#### then save. Refresh the page, it’s still SINV-

Press update, not save. I thought Update button is to update prefix of previous transactions…

You can not change the sales invoice id once it is saved. You have to select proper series before saving the invoice.

Yes its version 10 and still have the issue. when i giving series for batch then press update. but its not saving info. go main screen and come back, there is empty like default. is this a issue?

You refer to this https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/setting-up/settings/naming-series

Perhaps you must run as Administrator and/or be in developer_mode Naming series for new doc type - #18 by priya_s