Upgraded to v11.1 ERPnext - bench not starting automatically

Hello - I think I missed doing something to the supervisor process here, as it wont start until I cd into erpnext-prd and then enter ‘bench start’ - do i need to do something to the supervisor process so that it autostarts from my VM?

Thanks for looking at this - only 2 issues with full upgrade from v10, so far!

sounds like you did --develop vs --production in the easy install script
–production does the supervisor setup for you automatically

There are instructions at the bottom of this page for setting up supervisor to launch ERPNext, post-install
(full disclosure - I’m no expert on this - maybe someone here can suggest a better way)

Thank you for that - I get nothing from sudo supervisorctl status all … although it was active in V10, not seeing any sign of it after upgrade to v11.1 erpnext and frappe

This may help [solution] 'supervisorctl start all' has no response or affect