User Permissions Not permitted

Hi all,

I have created a new user role, and a user related to that role. And a new doctype which has a web form. I created some dummy data on the Desk using the admin account for the new doctype. When I go to the portal pages (web form), and sign in as the new account, I have the ability to view all data, however, if I click one of the entries, it says I don’t have permissions, 403 not permitted. Does anyone know what’s wrong? or what’s the correct procedure? Thanks

Hi @Chrisfufu,
sounds very similar to the following issue, right? Maybe the “workaround” (as I am still not sure if it is a bug or works-as-designed) can help…

I think it is designed that for different users, we don’t have access to their own data.
however, one thing I don’t understand is why they can still see all the data of other users created. Maybe what I can do later on is to modify the displayed data, filter out other users’ data.

One thing I am confused of is that when administrator logged in to see portal pages, the administrator still has restrictions on the data entries which created by other users. Don’t know how to fix.