Using Naming Series in Projects

Hi All

I’m trying to find away of using the naming series to automatically name projects based on a sequential number.

I can select projects in the naming series setup page but the projects DocType is set to name from a field and won’t allow me to change it.

Any help appreciated!



  1. Add a field naming_series of type Select
  2. Set autoname to naming_series:


I’ve added a custom field of type select and called it naming_series

But I can’t change the auto name from field:project_name

Is this possible on the cloud version?

Hi @David_Midgley,

please check the developer_mode

refer this link

Sagar Shiragawakar
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.

Thanks @sagar @rmehta but I don’t think it’s possible to switch to developer mode when we are on a hosted version.


hello @David_Midgley,

if you want to changes on a hosted version you can change it. but you have to access of that server.
if you have access of server just use this command
bench set-config developer_mode 1

otherwise go to your develop environment and push the fixes which you want to change.

Sagar Shiragawakar
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt Ltd.


Any update on this? I mean for ERPNext cloud subscribers who wish to use naming series for Projects


Still hoping for some feedback here


For feedback maybe post this on a new thread -

Good general question - I don’t believe ERPNext cloud subscribers have bench or console access!?

This may help clarify host options

Hi @clarkej

Thanks plenty for the pointers. I’m however not sure how it helps to start a new thread when this one addresses the issue directly? Do newer threads get more attention from the team?

Also, this is not a feature development since the capability is already in the Frappe framework. We’re only asking that it be enabled for ERPNext cloud customers


Hi wale,

The way I grok the situation here -

To add a row (such as a naming_series field) to a DocType is a server side customization.

Such a change requires console access for eg ‘bench set-config developer_mode 1’. See How to Enable Developer Mode in Frappe

erpnext .com cloud supports custom app installs (limited to ‘large’ accounts), but I am not sure this host service includes console access, hence the question of server side customization support. I could be mistaken here and so seek informed sources.

Given that distinction (ie server versus client side customization) I thought best to start a new thread for a response to your question and an update.

Maybe please reiterate or clarify what is it you wish to do that you cannot and/or seek an update on?

Hi @clarkej

Thanks for your explanation. In a nutshell, here’s what I’m requesting:

There should be a setting for use of Naming Series for Projects just like we have for the Customer DocType under ‘Selling Settings’

Guess this should be put forward as a request on Github


“Guess this should be put forward as a request on Github”

Or better still propose or contribute to a bounty, to implement that feature sooner rather than later.

Has this been added?

To all,

How can I include the naming series in Project (ErpNext V12).

Please see attachement for adaptions in “naming series”, “customize form Project”, Project.

Although the prefix for numbering series is shown in the project form, the number is not translated.

Thanks for your support