Using node module installed by npm

I have installed a node module using npm:
npm install gn-api-sdk-node

And to use it I need this piece of code:
var Gerencianet = require('gn-api-sdk-node');

But when I try it inside a Doctype .js file it returns me this message:

console.trace() ReferenceError: require is not defined

How can I include this module to be used in my .js files?

doctype.js files are not part of the build pack. please package it using build.json

Hello Chromonav! Thank you for your reply.

Could you help me on how to do that? Or suggest me a link?


This module says it’s used with nodejs backend. I don’t think it’s for browsers.

A nodejs module for integration of your backend with the payment services provided by Gerencianet.

Add custom nodejs app : How Add nodejs App to frappe & bench? - #5 by revant_one

Add custom js for browser: Build.json and custom CSS (use the pre built *.min.{js,css} by third party, or feed js dist output of any bundler to build.json)