Using open source power calDav cardDav etc

Sounds good. Yes, firetesting is one module that that an inbuilt calDav support (as a calendar feed of the public “Event” records). As there are meny things from ERPNext that can be fed into calendars (refer to the calendar view) and even tasks are nicely deployed using calDav, there is quite a variety of similar feeds around (which is why they are typically built into an app along with other customisations)…

Maybe there is an generic application worthwile to be integrated in the core.

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So we have bundled the function in an app at GitHub - joelios/iCalFeed

I have taken the time to test with Thunderbird and Apples Calendar. Works as expected.

Here are some screenshots:

Go to Settingspage:

and setup basic configuration

The highlighted fields will be parsed to your feed. (+Date & Time)

Apple Calendar:

Thunderbird (on macOS):


So you can see, that it will do what it should but needs a little optimization here and there.

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Has there been any work done for contacts? This is actually much more important for us than events - knowing who’s calling you on your phone. CardDav? Microsoft 365 integration?

thanks @wojosc for sharing this.
Just wondering how are password stored in the db? in clear?
Could any IT administrator for the frappe/erpnext site have access to these password if put in the database?


yes, at seen in this screen:

Passwords stay visible here and form the end of the URL you subscribe to.

It’s on our list, yes.

@wojosc any update on carddav?

no real news, no. We are now looking to do a *.ics attachment to be able to create calendar entries as a first step. Expecting to have this done in the next few weeks maybe. Stay tuned.

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I wonder if it is difficult to code the U part of CRUD in Contacts. Doing iCal should be more straight toward. May be.

As ERPNext nor Frappe has built-in carddav or Candace server, I guess it is inevitable to pass this work via 3rd party such as Radicale.

In general I guess the first decision that needs to be made is:

#1 ERPNext is your cal/card DAV Server
#2 ERPNext is just a client syncing with a third-party server (this is kind of implemented with google contacts and calendar)

To me, Google syncing is, at current form, just export and import. I’m afraid the def of syncing is too loose here.

Agree with you. #1 I guess is out of scope.

If someone needs it, my guess is that everyone has to go to #2.

yeah, I think so too and agree that #2 will be the go-to solution for now.

The complexity then starts to what will you wan’t to sync to which calendar. This is why we are chosing to find a manual version first and then go baby-step by baby-step towards the next milestone.

e.g. a CRM Calender in which I see only my follow ups to Opportunities.