Using QR Codes in POS and Android based Tablet with inbuilt camera in POS

Consider a use case where a retailer wants to embed just the item code in QR code stickers, and wants to scan and generate bills and then print using a network printer. Well, actually the printing part is off the topic but can the inbuilt camera of the device be used from POS terminal as an input/scanner for bar codes and qr codes.


Add this to GitHub Issues. Mobile app is on the way, so maybe we can take this up later.

Any news on this? Is it possible to use the inbuilt tablet/phone-camera as a qr-scanner?
(I know it’s an old entry, but I couldn’t find it on GitHub. So I didn’t know if it’s closed or still open or…)

hi @ramantalkin @frehu01 if interested, we have opened this thread [Community Development] Barcode camera scanner and integration. Any contribution is appreciated.

Hi Guys,

I’m interested too in using QR Codes with ERPNext. I found this library “GitHub - dwa012/html5-qrcode: A cross platform HTML5 QR code reader.” but I can’t figure out how to use it. Basically I want to be able to scan and decode a QR code with a mobile device from within ERPNext.

Anybody has any idea?


I need that feature too, and I could contribute the pr for this. Would you help me where to start and how to make sure we don’t duplicate efforts.