(v11) How do I get rid of "Rounded Total" in POS screen?

Nobody here in our locality seems to understand the Rounded Total line item on the sales invoices and in the POS screen. They would prefer to have it eliminated.

What they really want to see instead of the rounded total is the taxes on the POS screen.

Is any of this possible without having to get a developer to customize the POS?

Please advise,


Certainly I cannot be the only one that would want “Rounded Total” taken off the POS screen?!?

It only confuses the cashiers and server no real purpose here in the USA. It doesn’t exist in any of the locally available POS solutions. So, I cannot image that there would NOT be a way to disable it here.

Please advise.


Give this a try: Setup > Settings > Global Settings should get you to a page called “Global Defaults” (also might be here: /desk#Form/Global%20Defaults) Then you can check the box for “Disable Rounded Total”

Yup! That did it. Thank you. :star_struck:

You wouldn’t happen to have any insight about getting the taxes to show up on POS would you?

Thanks again for the tip. I thought I had looked everywhere, but I left out global settings.


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for tax you can try to assign Taxes and Charges template in POS Profile

I do that for all POS profiles already. IT doesn’t have any affect on seeing a sales tax on the POS screen.