[v11] item variant - not picking price from master

it seems in version 11 the price of an item master is not picked by variants which do not have a particular pricing (which in v10 is the default behavior).

is this a new design in v11n or a bug?

I believe the functionality which makes most sense would be that a variant should pick the price from it’ s item master, as long no specific price for the specific variant has been defined.

was fixed. related post: [v11] Some items did not get their price when added to sale order (item prices) - #4 by hiousi

thanks, sounds promising. Once I get over the Network Problems with my Bridged interface (not related but randomly happening at the same moment) I’ll run an update and see whether it works again.

all works as intended after updating to

ERPNext: v11.0.3-beta.35 () (staging)
Frappe Framework: v11.0.3-beta.50 () (staging)

thanks for the fix @hiousi