[V13][BUG] Cannot access to Reference Doctypes from Dashboard


i have some Material Request, then i created Purchase Order. In 12 version in every PO i can easy click on “Material Request” in dashboard and then it moves me to referenced doctype. Now in Version 13, im trying to click on it and nothing happens:

As another example i noticed that in Purchase Invoice it not moves to referenced “Purchase Order” and “Purchase Receipt”.

Tested in upgraded from 12 to 13 version and fresh 13 version.

Only i have that problem?


No. It’s happening at many docs. Tested on new server, easy install.

I’m just about to update to last to see if it’s fixed [Release Notes] ERPNext and Frappe Version 13.1.0.

noted the same too

Should be resolved with



Since you just did the “commit” on GitHub about 30min ago, at what point will this fix make it to Production? Will we be waiting for the next point release?


Release with

Please update.

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@surajshetty - Thank You!