[V13] Hide Modules from Sidebar

Hi There,

In Version 13, it’s apparently no longer possible to Show / Hide unused modules from the sidebar as described in Show or Hide Modules.

Using the Build Menu, I can access the Workspace List, but I can’t find any options there to hide or even edit these entries (even when logged in as user Administrator and developer mode enabled).
I could delete the entries I no longer want in the sidebar from the Workspace list, but am afraid that there’s no way to restore the original layout then.

Is there a way to hide unused modules from the sidebar in version 13 (Other than using user permissions?)


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You can deactivate modules for individual users in the User document. It’s a manual process, however, and it must be done for each new user that gets created.

At a system level, the only way I’ve figured out (short of editing source files) is to create a new custom Workspace document for each module. In each one, make sure that the “Extends” option is ticked to positive, that the “based on” is set to the module workspace you want to remove, that the “is default” is set to true, and that the workspace content is empty.

What you’re doing here is overriding the workspace for all users with a custom blank one. By default, the desk won’t show blank workspaces, so you’ll end up with a much cleaner screen. From there, you can build up your own workspaces as you see fit.

Wish there were a better way!


Hi Peter,

Thanks! I will look into creating these custom workspaces. It’s not ideal, but this appears to be a viable solution for now.

Bumping this as it’s almost odd that there’s no way to do this. Does the menu check the user’s permissions to determine what to display?

Yes; workspaces only display if the user has permission for at least something in them.

What worked for me…open Workspace Settings and modify the Home workspace. Set all the Card Breaks to Hidden.

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