V5 - Logic Around Production Order, Operations & Workstation


I get the following error when I try to submit a production order after setting up a BOM with Opertations and Workstations “Operation Forging longer than any available working hours in workstation
Forging, break down the operation into multiple operations”.

What am I doing wrong?



If user try to save the production order form with Operation Time as greater than respective working time of workstation then system wiil show the following error message.
“Operation “operation-name” longer than any available working hours in workstation “workstation-name”, break down the operation into multiple operations
Did not save”

Geetanjali Shitole
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Let’s take a simple BOM with one operation and one workstation.

Let’s say the operation takes 5 minutes for each part. Which means that 12 parts can be manufactured in an hour,

Let’s say the working hours of the workstation is 9am-5pm which is 8 hours, which means that 96 parts can be manufactured in a day.

Is the logic such that a Production Order for greater than 96 parts will get this error?

If you or somebody understands the logic with which it is set up, would you please share that here for everybody’s understanding. Thanks much!


@neilLasrado can you check?

@jramns The logic is such that the total duration any operation in the production order should not be greater than the workstation operation hours.

so as you stated if a workstation is available for 8 hours. the system wont allow you to take production orders with operation greater that 8 hours. If your operation takes more than 8 hours, practically it cant be completed in one shift. hence you need to break it down into multiple operations.

You can also disable this check by enabling overtime in manufacturing settings.
ERPNext > Manufacturing > Manufacturing Settings

NeilLasrado: It seems to be a very complex way of managing production. Having to breakup Production Orders into smaller chunks, while serving a purpose, will defeat the very essence of having an ERP system. Can you build the functionality to manage this complexity by blocking up the workstation for N number of days, as represented by the quantity to be produced?

@jramns You dont need to break the production order. You need to break the operations.
I do understand your point. can you please create a github issue for this.

At the moment i suggest you to enable overtime and continue. We will surely consider your suggestion.

Neil: I guess I’m missing something. Let’s take my simple example and let’s say I had an order for 200 Nos. I can manufacture say, 96 pieces in a day. How would you break up the operations to ensure that the Production Order can be submited?

The enabling overtime option works well, so we are okay, but I guess that will take some of the power away from the PPC functionality that you are building in, (and is so necessary for organizations that are into manufacturing operations that are not simple).

@jramns Hello, i do realise this was a use case we did not cover. You may split the Production Order into two (example: one with qty 96 other with 4 ) Also please leave a Github issue. I will have to make some design changes in this feature. ( Apologies for my previous suggestion, i didn’t quite understand the scenario back then )

@neilLasardo. Hey, no sweat! I have a few ideas around the manufacturing module, let me try to put that down on paper and send it over. It could help formulate your evolution plan for this functionality.

In the meanwhile I will leave a Github issue.

Thank you for your attention.

@jramns Yes sure, Do send in suggestions. It always helps.

I can’t find the Github Issue for this. If anyone else can, please direct me to it.

My company can easily end up with many multi-day operations. I’d like to help figure out a fix so that we can end up with good capacity planning instead of just “allowing overtime” on everything. It’s not practical to have to split up production orders after the fact, since they are made automatically with the production planning tool.

@neilLasrado Are there any plans in the works to change this?


@Dbone Not at the moment. Please raise a issue and share in your thoughts/insights about the same. If you could explain your use case with examples we will be able to understand your problem and make a better design.

We would always love to improvise :slight_smile:

Any update on this topic? It is still not clear why i get the error:
Operation Mixing longer than any available working hours in workstation 1.big.mixer, break down the operation into multiple operations

I have operations that last in total 90 min ( i cant see the details in the BOM anymore, unless i cancel it)
My working hours are 23:59:59. I need just 1 batch whcih can be completed in 90 min.
Not sure what i am doing wrong.
Thanks for your help.