[Version 12] Killing the iconic desktop

In my very humble opinion, evolve is always good. But the new UI looks like tons of navigation clicks.
Today the Dashboard is a must for the “C” level…so great to have it!
Question for the ERP Next Experts: We are talking about version 12…how long will take that version to be released? Its better to stay in V10 and wait for V12 or move now from V10 to V11 and then to V12?

Information hierarchy is a true issue for new users.
Have you ask for UX designer ?

My 2cents, I like the desktop and for end users, icons are great. Its especially good for a role like purchase ledger where you will stay on a small number of screens so you can easily setup your desktop icons/links for ease of use…


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Nice design.

Bigger and colorful icons in the hierarchy tabs will make most people miss the current dash less?

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This is great


I am for the iconic desktop, here few reasons:
1- In any website you can recognize ERPNext by it’s desktop screenshot, it become like a brand, change it now it will cost a lot for the product and community, it will be unknown product for the future at least for a while.
2- Currently icons are the trend see iOS, android, websites, Oracle ERP fusion (latest version) → world wide user friendly
3- a remider to Rushab’s post in March 9, 2016 (Configurable Desktop) where all people admire those changes, why today we should remove it.

A role is a set of doctype plus permissions, one role can be collected from many modules. system will show desktop icons of any modules involved based on granted doctype. users don’t have an option to change role, roles is not showing in the front end.

roles used to define workflow as approver perfomer.

4- I support to include TABs to browse windows inside a module like open item window in a new tab, open material request in 2nd TAB and so on,
5- Keep module home page simple for better user experience it’s very important for end user to feel comfortable when using the system. module home page can show key module indicators or incomplete documents or module statistics. add left side hierarchy module menu for doctypes and reports.
6- enable dashboards as widgets as per user privilege to be shown on dashboard.

one more point I suggest to add a cancel button so if user decide to not save a record he press cancel to go back in the main doctype window.



Wonderful idea.

@rmehta Why was this decision made? This seems to be the opposite of popular opinion. Considering the most popular discussion on the frappe.io discussion board is for upgrading, not removing, the desk, this action makes no sense.


Even if you were to remove the current desktop, why not keep the colors/icons on your idea for the new ‘deskless’ setup? At least then there would be some continuity carryover.

I’ve created a poll to see the communities’ opinion:


While I do agree that the desktop needs a change (like a widget/dashboard system), it’s one of the reasons on boarding new users was easier.

Being overwhelmed with links in the module detail view is one of the main issues we face. As new features/doctypes are added to erpnext as well as custom apps/doctypes are made by companies, this page is bound to become unmanageable in its current form.

At this point, most of my organization uses the desktop and search primarily.

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I guess that’s besides the point of this Topic.
Still 10 > 11 > 12 is the way to go. Not possible to go 10 > 12 I believe

I prefer colors in new Homepage and new module page to distinguish each item. Ex, Light grey background, white background each item with blue header text and Icon.

I wonder how the salesman/stock keeper role home page will be with just a Selling /Stock Icon and white background screen real estate to look at .

Will Add to Desktop feature which was very useful for user level personalisation die alongwith ? Hope the new changes leap ERPnext forward :clap:

This is great news. I wholehearted welcome it. :+1:
Nonetheless, why don’t we get to have both and allow the user to choose the preferred one?
In that case, it is a win-win for everyone.

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I’m generally a fan of change, but in this case I think that the old version should be kept, for numerous reasons almost all of which were said already, other than the fact that the switch will now require training to be done all over again for all users, other than seasoned ones.

but if you really want to change, at the very least the change should be optional. and instead of changing the whole thing, maybe there should be some upgrades like a menu bar, icon groups, add your own icons (sans scripting), maybe we can learn from QuickBooks to design the setup of icons around a workflow.

All in all, I think we can work around the clutter issue, but still keep the desk.


You cannot kill an icon, it is just like you cannot kill a god. My understanding here is to add a 3rd view which is dashboard view. If what I think is wrong, then we are heading into disaster.

Exactly, populate 2 or 3 icons every users and they are good to go. On desk view, users just click icon 1 for this work or click icon 2 for another work.

This is certainly much clearer for new users, will feel less overwhelming and much more to-the-point
Once a framework is set, if a user wants another nav option, he can build it on top of existing stuff.

Why not maintain both? A user can freely switch to the other anytime. If using mobile phone, better for me to have an icon on desktop. If on deskptop, I can take a shot on the new desktop design.

Well, if you are going to change the desktop to something that has textual frames to click on instead of the medium sized icons then my first reaction is:

“I am going to loose all of my older users!”

I already fight with them in v10 because most of the text is in light grey against a white background. They complain they have a very difficult time reading it or even finding something on the screen because it gets washed out in the white background. Please… PLEASE… do something to make the contrast of important elements on the screen easier to see.

My second reaction was:

“How could this possibly work and still fit on a mobile phone screen?”

This is where the icon desktop shined brightly. It was super easy to find stuff on the smartphone and touch the icon to get busy. In v10 you can even create your own desk icons for specific things like individual reports that you use the most. This reduced the complaints about trying to read a small screen (with light grey on white, etc.). With everyone doing even more on small screens, don’t you think simplifying that view is better than making it even more complex to see?

And my final reactions was:

As a desktop application on a 22" monitor, the new layout (if properly contrasted visually) would be very helpful to the moderately experienced users. New users may still wish for the old icons for simplicity sake, but even they will appreciate the new layout once they get more experienced as a user.

That was the collective response of my current clients using ERPNext. They represent a little over 300 individual usernames spread across my 6 largest ERPNext instances.



I am following this discussion without much of an opinion on my own really. I am using the awesome bar (that’s the correct, official name, right?) to find anything and personally do not care about the DESK or anything else I am not looking at for myself.

I am aware this is not the way for anybody and many people are more visual and like to navigate through any application via mouse clicks/taps.

I feel about this discussion that many people have strong personal opinions towards one or the other solution but I was wondering whether it would make sense to assigning a UI/UX designer to this task?

I understand that this may be costly (thus far apparently no one from the community came forward I believe) but could imagine such an investment paid off on the long run.