Voice calling with Twilio not working

I have installed and configured GitHub - frappe/twilio-integration: Twilio integration for ERPNext, it seems that everything to be configured correctly.

In the “Voice Call Settings”, everything seems to be fine and the numbers are getting fetched from Twilio.

The problem is that Im not receiving calls and I dont even know how to make an outbound call. Has anyone integrated Twilio and working successfully?

Hi, any luck I am having the same problems with getting twilio voice to work. Did you manage to get it working ?

I got the outgoing calls working but extremely buggy. According to the incoming calls it didn’t worked at all.

Is there a dialer?

Hello. To receive incoming calls, you have to add a webhook in your twilio account under phone number, here.

  1. Look for a drop down below A CALL COMES IN and make sure it is Webhook.
  2. In the input field at your right, the value should be {public_url}/api/method/twilio_integration.twilio_integration.api.twilio_incoming_call_handler
  3. And finally, the right most drop-down should be set to HTTP POST

You must have atleast 1 Voice Call Settings record for a user.

This worked for me, I hope it does for you too. Let me know if you’ll need more help.

@Chipo_Hameja I have tried same, but not getting incoming calls in erpnext, but call log is created in twilio console and status is completed. Any suggession?

For me incoming call is worked this point Twilio Integration with ERPNext - #7 by abrarpv97

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