Was 'Default Supplier' removed from item master in v11? if so how do you pull items in purchase order based on supplier?

hello folks,

currently my material requests can have many many items and all of them are bought to different suppliers.

when I try to generate a purchase order for a material request, the system is creating one purchase order with all the items from the material request, and it is very time consuming to be removing the items that do not belong to the selected supplier. Looking around on how to fix this problem I found this article [pull items in purchase order based on supplier](Not Found, but for some reason in ERPNext V11 at the item master, ‘Default Supplier’ field is not longer there.


if the field was removed, how can I pull items in purchase order based on supplier?

Right now if I try to create a new purchase order and click ‘get items from material request’ button

it pulls all the items from the selected material request, even they belong to different suppliers

hopefully somebody could point me to the right direction, thanks,

  1. The Default Supplier has been moved to the Item Defaults table in v11:

  1. The default supplier comes into play when creating a PO from a Material Request. When creating a PO using the Make >PO option, the system prompts to enter a default supplier:

When you enter the default supplier, the system will create a PO all the items for which the selected supplier is default.