Website Development

Hello everyone,

I’m a PHP, MYSQL, HTML, CSS, JS developer looking to build a website for our business power by Frappe and ERPNext.

I used Bitnami to quickly launch a development environment to tinker with.

I’m wondering how I would go about replacing the default website with a completely new website theme. Where is the default website located in the file structure? What is the best way to develop a new website? Is it in python or HTML, JS and CSS?


The default webpage that you are looking for is in website module/web page/page_name(usually your campany name). you can change the content and some details.

If you want a complete new page you can add an .html(including css and js block) and .py file into your app template/pages folder.

Adding a page.html and a and replace some sections in html like:

{%- block header -%}
{%- endblock -%}

{%- block navbar -%}
{%- endblock -%}

{% block content %}
{% endblock %}

All the pages inherit from base.html template. For some examples go to the template/pages from ERPNext. There is some pages to check. I use this way to create complete custom pages.

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You can also create a /www folder in your app. See how is built:

@rmehta is there instruction how to use ?
is it integrated directly into frappe bench ?

@ahmad18189 is just a content website, the sign-up part is another app :wink:

@rmehta is there any tutorials or wikis to get clue about customize a website … for example if i want to show a top product that automatically selected the best seller of the products … or even show some document from erpnext data…


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Hi, a few questions about this:

If I put in these pages, how do I link to them from inside bench?
Do they support login-required and permissions?

hello bobby, did you get any information on this??


nope im decided to make website form another platform and make erpnext as the backend system


okay bobby…can you please help with how you achieved this?