Website list view in stock


Question in the website item list view is it possible to show if items are in stock or out of stock?

Thank you

You should select the Website Warehouse for the Item to show stock availability. Also, shopping cart settings allows you to enable the display of available quantity on the product page. Please check the documentation.

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Thank you. I have a follow up question, in the ecom is it possible to tag the warehouse per customer and this will reflect in the sales order- order type- shopping cart?
I already added Warehouse -link in the customer and Sales order (added custom script) from this link ( Can I set default warehouse for a customer? - #5 by mrmo )

But when a customer order from the ecommerce it doesn’t reflect the warehouse.

Customer A - warehouse : Retail
Customer B - warehouse : Hardware

When customer selects item in the ecommerce and place an order the items will get from the default warehouse set from the customer master list.