Weekly and Fortnightly Payroll / Salary Slips

@tonyta do you want to add the design at Add Weekly Payroll Processing · Issue #4422 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

What is your github id?

design uploaded into github - my id is tta-cloude8

Would it not be nice if this small addiction be made in time sheet based salary structure:
Making the rate variable because a staff may work in 2 or 3 different projects in a month and the rate paid to him differ per project.
This can be solved by the erpnext team by making more than one provision for salary components rate in Salary structure

Pls consider because this will help in some organisation

is there a feature that can process multiple salary structures in one click?because in our case employees can have diferrent structure, some employees may have overtime, some may have deduction, and different allowances so how can we manage this?

No, that is not possible. In one payroll, only 1 Salary Structure is taken into consideration.

Would you be open to an enhancement request to make this an option to run all structures at once?

One Employee can have only one active Salary Structure for given dates right now. Multiple salary structures will be confusing I think, you can add conditions to the existing Salary Structure instead of creating new one.

I am not sure that is what @Sachine_P1 is asking about. I took the question as more about running payroll across all structures for all employees in one run instead of allowing different structures for the same employee by payroll run.

Sachine_P1 - mind elaborating?

you are right thats what i was asking,actually it will work i found the solution.thanks

thanks for the great work on payroll you have done so far, but i have one comment regarding the salary structure,
the system will be better and minimize redundancy work if we can give the condition and formula on the creation of salary components it will minimize redundant work for companies which have large number of employees, but if we give the condition and formula on salary components , it will be thick or unthick for employees which they are concerned…but now we have to write the same formula for all employees.thanks

What was that?

@James_Robertson, @KanchanChauhan the system by default works it.
but what we need now is to give the formula on the salary components, it will make the payroll system very simple, in our case we have almost 800 employee, and we have created 800 salary structure for each but writing formula for each salary structure on each salary components again and again is time taking.it will be better if we write the formula on the components and when we call the salary component the system will bring the formula automatically.thanks.

I want to jump in the fray and request one addition to the fantastic work done on the Process Payroll system. Currently, we process two divisions with a small number of employees, and their salary structures individually assigned, with correct formulas. All works well, including the rounding as per:

Bank Entry Rounding Error when processing Payroll

The Journal Entry ERPNext makes includes one bank entry per all the pay slips processes in that particular payroll. One of my banks handles it this way and in the statement it reports one transaction for the entire set paid. I can access the integration online when having processed the payroll electronically. It works great out of the box.

However, the other bank we use, shows each employee’s net cash deposit individually, and I would like to have the option in ERPNext to generate multiple bank entries in the same JournaI Entry where the payroll is processed.

Of course, I can add this manually and the entire Journal Entry would balance, but currently it involves cancelling the ERPNext generated Journal Entry and then Amending it so that we split the bank transaction into its individual components. This is a time consuming effort, and would like this feature implemented in the Process Payroll tool.

Github #8037

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