What are the possibilities of sending Messages using WhatsApp?

I read a few old and very old threads in this forums regarding WhatsApp integration but could not find any working solution.

I am asking again to know if there are any possibilities of being able to send messages using business WhatsApp from either ERPNext or from custom app built using Frappe Framework?



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If you have not checked then check it, please,

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Yes I have already see that but Twilio is a paid service and the client does not want to use it as the system will have to send around 320 messages every 2 hours to local, national and international numbers. This message sending has to be done 5 days a week

Twilio is pricey from INR point, for each message sent. They do not have any use of the Conversation feature that Twilio offers.


Hi, but the charges are officially announced by the Meta team (Parent of WhatsApp). You can’t make it for free, you have to pay for each message you send via Whats App and Twillio is the best solution for it.

Check out the Official Facebook Rate Chart.


Found this from this link: Pricing - WhatsApp Business Platform - Documentation - Meta for Developers

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I think there is some misunderstanding here on your part.

I have seen a few of my clients using WhatsApp message shooter for sending messages without having to pay a paise.

When is comes to paying, for a message, there is an attractive alternative to Twilio that allows sending unlimited messages to 100 contacts for free forever.

Do this this out: Pricing | Simple, Flexible & Scalable Options for Your Business


What is about https://www.wati.io/, Has any used it or integrated

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Did you check the details?

No, I have not checked yet. Will check it in due course.

you can also check out rapiwha.com

Yes, we can use Twilio API and develop a Custom Messaging Module on Frappe. We have created one App on frappe for WhatsApp Messaging, and shortly will release it over Git

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Thanks for sharing, But the Twilio app for WhatsApp is already available. I understand you may add something better.

we have developed sending Transactional documents like PO/PI/SO/SI from ERPNext.

Please Share your requirement.

You can Check out this link

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@Maveez From which version it is supported

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Maybe for V13 onwards @ROSHNA_VIJAYAN

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GitHub - efeone/frappe_meta_integration: Meta Cloud API Integration for frappe framework can you try this app