What hardware is required for ERPNext to use it as pos .. like cash drawer and machines?

Hey I have a client who want to use erpnext for his retail store as pos machine with all the features like printer , cash drawer , credit card payment , barcode snanner etc .
So is their any specific hardware for this or any sugestion?

Use any standard computer. Connect computer to printer and printer to cash drawer. 1D barcode scanner connected to computer. An i7 with 4GB RAM should be fine.

I’ll add that all things seem to work best on Windows. I’ve been looking into options for POS hardware, too, and it seems getting a thermal receipt printer to work reliably on Android or iOS is difficult. In Windows, you can simply install an Epson print driver that will control when the cash drawer opens. See this link for more information. There is no credit card option currently integrated (the link above also touches on that most are using an external credit card reader).

Hey, let me know how you go with this, since I am in the process of setting up ERPNext POS for my grocery store and right now not having cash drawer and POS barcode printing working is an absolute pain in the ar*e.

And let me know your experience when printing variable length receipts, with or without automatic cutter.

Get this app if you are using V11. It already in production in many retail clients. Check the settings page for all functions.

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will this work on v12.12

No. On V11 only.

It took me a while, but here’s what I’ll be using:

It doesn’t address barcode printing but solves variable length receipts and cash drawer control. It’s written to do a full cut, but it could be changed to do a partial or whatever’s needed, but it uses QZ Tray, which only works on Windows, Mac, and Linux.