What is the different between Page and WebPage

A useful tutorial for option 5

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I agree that you cannot add anything to Portal Settings directly. Yes, you would have to either use hooks, or fork the repository.

However, there is a section “Custom Sidebar Menu”. I suppose you could build your own sidebar here, then click “Hide Standard Button” checkbox near the top of the page.

I’m just making guesses; I’ve never used this feature. But since it contained the word “Portal”, I included it in my overview.

I’m not sure. Although I’ve worked on ERPNext a long time, I’ve barely done any work with Pages. I’m not a strong Frontend by nature. So I find the Pages very difficult to figure out.

@ahassoun Thanks for sharing that YouTube tutorial on Pages, I will check that out!

I have no experience with Frappe UI. It’s not part of Frappe Framework and ERPNext yet, is it?

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Regarding custom Page (5th option) server-side coding in Python:

Assuming you have a custom App with the name myapp and defined a custom Page with the name mypage

Then you should have a directory …/apps/myapp/myapp/myapp/page/mypage/
with mypage.json and mypage.js

Edit the mypage.js

frappe.pages['mypage'].on_page_load = function(wrapper) {
	var page = frappe.ui.make_app_page({
		parent: wrapper,
		title: 'mypage',
		single_column: true
    page.add_inner_button('User Detail', () => js_detail());

	function js_detail() {
			method: 'myapp.myapp.page.mypage.mypage.py_detail',
			args: {name: frappe.session.user},
			callback: function(r) {
				frappe.msgprint('<pre>' + JSON.stringify(r.message.User[0], null, 2) + '</pre>');

Create a .py in …/apps/myapp/myapp/myapp/page/mypage/mypage.py

and place this code in it

import frappe
def py_detail(name):
	user = frappe.db.sql("""select * from `tabUser` where name = %s""",name, as_dict=1)
	return {'User':user}

Caveat : I have not tested this code ! :rofl:

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Thanks for the explanation.
We hope to see more explanation updates in Frappe documentation as well as the rapid development and new versions growing up.

The code does work :slight_smile: