What order to setup a business on ERPNext

Web User Interface : which is the ERPNext Desk application

1 Prepare the Supplier/Customer and Address data. I normally do it in a spreadsheet using the downloaded templates. Do not add any address data to any of the columns in the Supplier/Customer template which indicate address detail.
2 Import the Supplier/Customer data, by uploading it in the WUI data import tool, either as a spreadsheet or CSV file.
3 Once successful, open the spreadsheet again and copy the Supplier (Supplier Name) / Customer (Full Name) name to the Address template’s Link Name (Links) column and make sure you specify either Supplier or Customer in Link Document Type (Links) column. By doing this you’re sure of linking the Supplier/Customer on their name to the Address records. Fill in or copy and paste the rest of the address detail.
4 Import the Address data.
5 If you’re importing new data (ie Insert and not Update), then do not supply any values in the first column (ID) of both Supplier/Customer and Address templates.

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@EugeneP much appreciated Sir
This How-To doesn’t exist anyway as far as I know.
Strongly recommend utilizing your inputs in the documentation going on initiatives .