When will ERPNext VM from Download page be updated to v13?

When will the Production ERPNext VM from the download page be uploaded to v13, or a v13 version be available? ( Download EPRNext VM (erpnext.org))

Most implementers and Frappe seem to be using v13 as the ERPNext instance for new customers, and we would like to have a local copy to be able to prepare appropriate information for import during the implementation and experiment with some of the new v13 features.

We were unable to successfully upgrade the current virtual machine to v13. Should the Machine now be based off of Ubuntu 20.04 instead of 18.04?

I had posted this question as a comment here, [Release] ERPNext Version 13 - Release Notes - Discuss Frappe/ERPNext, but thought I should make this a dedicated post.



Did you get any update on this ?

No update yet. In many ways, it would be beneficial to have virtual machine of all supported versions of ERPNext available.

same issue when i bench update the existing version 12 then it shows that your version is latest. i also wanted to update version 13 in my vm machine?? any help?

You can upgrade the VM instance to v13


Please refer to this upgrade steps:

will try this code and let you know
thank you

Sorry to return to this, but I have problems…
I downloaded and installed the VM and run the command:
bench switch-to-branch version-13 frappe erpnext --upgrade
This fails with

The installation continued and failed again - this time fatally:

I tried both:
#./env/bin/pip install psutil
#yarn add utils
before running bench command, but this didn’t help - the same problems.

May someone help me how to solve this?
Many many thanks ahead.


There are a number of steps that have to be taken to upgrade dependencies to versions that work with 13.

bench migrate-env python3x where x is the minor version of python3 installed on the VM.
Bring node up to newer version:


npm and yarn will need to be upgraded as well as other node libraries.

then try: bench build etc

Considering all the steps and complexities involved in update the V12 Machine to V13, I really do think the virtual machine should be updated to V13 and latest LTS of Ubuntu. For myself at least, testing the system on the virtual machine was critical in our decision to proceed with implementing ERPNext in our company, and to ensure that a locally run backup was available in a worst-case schenario.

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