Where does the html files exists of frappe erpnext

I want to change header footer etc but I cannot find any html file to change them

Welcome to ERPNext Khadija

You won’t find them Html file for a doctype

This tutorial explains the “model view controller” document model Frappe Framework Tutorial

can you tell me exactly how can I change basic header logo of erpnext, I have tried everywhere but can not found

I cannot find any proper description of how templates work in frappe

please refer this https://erpnext.org/docs/user/manual/en/website

Thankyou for the link, I did not know its so easy to customize the website.
Also is it possible to customize Erpnext frontend? I know about the list and print views can be edited, but I think the main erpnext ui can not edited?

Maybe this can help

Hi @Khadija

You need creat app. Use js, html and css change layout.

You can check bdtheme app change layout