Where is Community apps

Hello ,

I come from odoo background where there is many community apps already exist for download

but i don’t seem to find any community apps for erp next

is there no community apps or i just can’t find them ?


Another Odoo refugee. It is a work in progress. For what I have seen in the forums most of the improvements the community has provided has been integrated in ERPNext directly. It is not until now that they are starting to develop the infrastructure to have community apps.

There are not so many community apps at present, but we are surely growing at faster rate.

If you have installed ERPNext on your own infrastructure, then Setup > Integrations > Application Installer gives you easy way to install Core and Community Contributed Apps with Click of a button, Similar to WordPress Plugin install.

But most of the feature related to community apps and Apps itself are under rapid development.
You may find list of publically known apps for ERPNext at https://apps.frappe.io

There are few more apps on github.com, but not listed on apps.frappe.io due to various reasons not known to me.

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making the app listing is on my list today!

there is one list existing here List of Community made Apps - #3 by vrms
It might be grossly incomplete though

I think it would he ideal adding to it rather then starting a new one?