Why not use the full-width?

Nice Idea, Many will like it.

good observation.

This has come up many many times.

From the perspective of my company this is the single biggest improvement ERPNext can make, increase the available number of columns in all modules and reports without horizontal scroll.

Of course you can customize it (I did), but I think it would be great ERPNext would use this as a standard.

@joelios Could you share your code?

Are you able to increase the number of allowed fields/columns or is the customization just cosmetic?


Currently, I only use a cosmetic solution (especially for the view of gant chart) in which I load a custom css for the desk via a hook in one of my apps.

@Mohammed_Redha I am currently working on a pull request for the increase of the columns and will publish in the github as soon as it is stable.


We love erpnext because the information is clear centered. For example, this modern discuss Forum is also not widescreen- Why? Because the Information for your eyes is best view when its not stretched on full screen with.
Example, odoo that uses widescreen we find very confusing for an ERP. We sit infront of an big widescreen (standard) display format, with erpnext in widescreen it feels like a movie in the first row :roll_eyes: admit, impressive first - but for reading and understanding not real productive. what do you think?

@joelios i know this idea comes up, why is there so much white space. i think also when we fill this space with information -why else should we extend it - then there is also much overload on information. keep it simple! it is also now lot of information going on, in erpnext your eyes can follow long complex lists thanks to max width.

we also build website in widescreen but this are mainly the images for presentation not the textcontainers itself. the text (erp is textbased not image based i think) is nowadays centered always limited with a max width, (admit this max width is to discuss before you plan a website.)

i think many users that are not into screendesign do not think about the readability and usability in the first place. when implementing a feature like this it should be optional to stretch to the full monitor screen.



When you consider that in most lists more than half of columns is fixed and cannot be changed productivity is hampered.
There are many modules and reports where we have to sacrifice information because it doesn’t fit in view.

Thank you for your detailed feedback! Basically, I agree with you in many points. However, I also share the opinion of @madid87. I have to be more precisely; I am neither a supporter of “it has to be full-width”, nor of “it has to be the way it is”. I think much more; a modern platform, as Frappe / ERPNext it is, should give the user the opportunity to choose! We should be able to switch to a full-screen view in certain situations, as it makes the work in certain use cases much easier.

Principle, i think it shouldnt be anything against this idea, right?


@joelios I totally agree with you :+1:

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@joelios i also think this would be great! on the other hand i dont know if it is manageable for the team to support different views without giving up the centered view.

@madid87 i am sure there are cases where widescreen is preferred to fixed width. reports could be a use case where widescreen outperforms the quality of the overview. maybe it could help to define in which cases widescreen is worth to use in full-width and how it could be displayed.

@philip Reports are one place where more space would be great, Item module, BOM lists to name a few.

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Hi All

I have written an app that allows you to change the view-width dynamically at clicking of a button.
Look at the following printscreens.
If anyone is interested in the app, he report and I will publish it on github.

Normal view before clinking the green button:

Full-Width view after clicking:



I’m on the hosted version of ERPNext but interested. Please publish! :slight_smile:

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I use a 27" Screen with 2560x1440 resolution and often have two windows with ERPNext opened side-by-side. As you can drag-and-drop docs from one windows to the other (works in firefox, not sure about chrome) the narrow view is convenient.
@joelios I think your idea is great as for looking at charts and things it is often a pain when having to scroll. And as always it’s always good to have a choice in appearance. Good work there!

I have to say, the printscreens are not the best examples.
I thought this function exactly for using in reports or for e.g. gant charts etc… :wink:

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A button something like this maybe?

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I attached the button to the user menu because it was easiest at this point. I will briefly check whether it is simply possible to add the button explicitly at the point you proposed.

btw: my function is also applied for reports etc! only the position is still a bit ugly :wink:

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@wojosc i will check the location of the button

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Hello @joelios
Thanks a lot for your great work and the fantastic features you are adding.
The feature for adding more columns in the listview will have the horizontal scroll bar to scroll horizontally left and right for navigating more columns?