Will there be plans to make erpnext more accessible to windows environment?

I dont really wanna install virtual box, docker or wsl since they take up too much resource.

Also is there already a demo for v13?


I don’t believe that would be very easy to do at this late point in the project.

Much of the system relies on open source tools that are specific to linux operating systems. To this end, the project has been able to grow considerably due to the use of these tools.

To try to convert this to a windows install package would be a huge undertaking. I you really want to experiment with erpnext, it is a good idea to install something like Ubuntu Linux on an older box that no longer servers a useful windows purpose and start your experiments. The OS is free and it will run on hardware that is to old to run modern windows.

Making a Windows msi install package is probably not even on the foundations radar at this time.

There are many tutorials for installing ERPNext in the forum. It really is not hard to use the command line interface in linux. The tutorials are very easy and some of them explain every step along the way so you learn the purpose of the commands you are using.

That really is the only path to a working system for now. VM installs on windows are resource heavy and by the time you paid for the hardware to run it well, you could have found an old PC and installed linux already.


As @bkm has clearly stated, I don’t think we will see ERPNext for Windows.

As you have mentioned there’s docker and WSL. WSL is Microsoft recognizing the importance of the Linux ecosystem fact that many important and useful Software (like ERPNext) won’t be ported to their platform. And they want their users to be able to work with said software, and not go away from their OS. I’ll recommend getting used to WSL or Docker, they are quite useful, and not that resource heavy in a current gen computer! Good Luck.

For version 13 demo, I don’t think there’s, but to try ERPNext you can try the official demo and I’m sure once 13 is released you will be able to test it in the same place.

If you want to try it right now @revant_one has done amazing work on the docker installation is easier than ever, you can spin up something really quick.

Or event faster check this out, you can try version 13 using this: