Windows executable installer of ERPNext (type of .exe file) - is it possible?

I have done lot’s of google but i didn’t find any solution for installing expnext on windows with an exicutab file. Is it possible to create an installer. any help will be appriciated.

Looks like you’re waiting for ERPNext Desktop, which will hopefully come next year

In the meantime, have you tried using docker images?

I don’t see any discussion and steps to enjoy ERPNext as a docker.

Am I missing something?

Possibly you overlooked these install and basic usage notes frappe_docker/ at main · frappe/frappe_docker · GitHub

Here are some discussion posts Search results for 'docker' - Frappe Forum

Thank you very much @clarkej. I see now detailed instruction of how to go about docker. But as a first impression, it doesn’t look simpler than VM install of ERPNext, any thoughts?

John, is it just another alternative or there is something more to it.


I am not the one to ask… I have no hands on experience with Docker, Vagrant, LXD/LXC and so on, but appreciate these ‘containers’ help specify and provision working environments.

KVM is my goto setup Share your development setup. Here is mine - #10 by clarkej.

Rather than navigate an ‘easy install’ I just grab an ova, convert that to a qcow2 and run that.

If one must roll out various tool set environments in a standard way, a container is the way to go in that case.

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