Woocommerce Integration with new releases

I understand that the current releases 13.4.0 & 13.4.1 have some fixes for woocommerce integration, which wasnt working as shared in the earlier tutorials from ERP next. However inspite of installing both the above updates the order sync is still not happening.

Has anybody else been able to successfully make the integration work?


I have successfully integrated woocommerce with ERPNEXT using the following app.

Dear @Aadhil_P_M, Is this with version 13?

Kindly let me know how the woocommerce config worked as I am having json decode errors everytime.

I have two instance of erpnext version 12 and 13 on both woocommerce connector is working.



It keeps on giving the decode errors for me. Have you come across this issue? a http 500 error followed by decode errors. Followed all the steps for the connector. I am using ubuntu 20.04 in a virtual box.

@Aadhil_P_M Kindly check the below thread where the trace is there


I am running ERPNext 13 and would like to sync data with a Woocommerce shop. Therefore I installed the woocommerceconnector 1.6.0 addon. The installation war running fine without any errors and “bench version” command says that it is installed. Nevertheless there is no (new) setup menu within the Marketplase Administration/Integration section of the ERPNext gui. The setup menu for the integrated Woocommerce Connector is still there but nothing else new. Do I have do enable some options somewhere else to make the woocommerceconnector 1.6.0 app settings show up? Kind regards, Nobunaga!