WooCommerce variable products

Cross-check Map woocommerce Tax / Shipping to ERPNext Account child table under WooCommerce Config form.

woocommerce Tax/Shipping title should match with Shipping Line Method Title mentioned on the JSON file.

@Aadhil_P_M How to check this? Which json file are you referring to? Is there a default title we have to use

@Aadhil_P_M, I am having this error when I am configuring woocommerce for the first time from woocommerce config. So if I don’t keep the title as ‘Free Delivery’ , the integration won’t work at all?

Try Default as Free Delivery

Option 1:
Try to access JSON file of your woo-commerce orders using the following link. please replace example.com, YOURKEY and YOURSECRETCODE with actual data.


Option 2:
You can see your shipping method under Woocommerce → Setting → Shipping

@Aadhil_P_M, I will test and come back to you on this. Thanks for the intervention in this.


I tried all 3 options but the same error resulted

  1. Not working with Free Delivery
    2)Option 1 returned a 404 error from woocommerce site
    3)Created a shipping method Free shipping in woocommerce and mapped with erpnext accounting head

@lasalesi, @Muzzy, any update with this? Thank you.

Can you check the value of verify_ssl? In doubt, try

cur_frm.set_value("verify_ssl", 0);

then save, and check if it works (revert for production use).

@lasalesi, the value of verify-ssl is 0 when I check form data. This is a production environment with version 12. I am using virtualbox production environment for this.

Then it must be another issue. But looking at the trace, the input value of r is invalid at this point

@lasalesi Should both the systems(woocommerce and ERPNext) be online for the integration to be setup initially?

Yes, if the WooCommerce is not available initially, you will get timeout errors…

Hello Can share details about how to set default ERPNext woocommerce integration for item sync??

Hi @cm_punk
Please read this document I hope it helps you


Thank You!

can i setup this in localhost ??. in my local host above given solutions is not working

If you setup woocommerce in localhost it will not work

reason ??

What do you want to do?
To make the integration you need a site with woocommerce online and an ERPNext server on localhost or online.