Zapier integration

Hi has there been any more consideration with adding ERPNext to Zapier? This would be a quick way to add hundreds of integrations with ERPNext without having to do them individually. Integrations with other software such as WordPress, WHMCS and others is the only thing missing from this great piece of software

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How about starting a bounty to see really how many people want this?

How do I do that?

This is the link to add an app to zapier Zapier Platform UI Documentation

Unfortunately, I am not a developer or I would make it, I assume most users of ERPNext are not developers too so adding ERPNext to Zapier would help them enormously to link with other Software without ERPNext having to make integrations for many different ones.

If you let me know how to make a bounty I will do that first.

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Is a bounty me offering to pay someone to do this? @rmehta

  • 1 Define the full requirements where you also involve other community members who are interested in those futures and willing to contribute
  • 2 open issues or feature request on Erpnext Github Frappe Github
  • 3 post the bounty in bounty source bountysource
  • 4 you and interested community member back the bounty
  • 5 Developers create solutions that address the bounty on Bountysource and claim the bounty.
  • 6 Backers can accept or reject the claim.
  • 7 If accepted, Bountysource pays the bounty to the developer.
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Thank you for this.

I was not looking for someone to do this for me. It was a suggestion for ERPNext as integrations are the only think this great piece of software is lacking.

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