ZKTeco SC105 Support erpnext

Is there any way to connect ZKTeco SC105 with erpnext automatically.

No nothing out of the box. But open to customisation. You can customise it to work.

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What will be the right procedure? how can i go forword with it?

This is a good place to start Customize ERPNext

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Thanks for your gracious reply

I want to implement any kind of fingerprint device in erpnext and for this i didn’t get any better solution. I saw the solution i get from discuss.frappe.io is that using ZKTeco Biometric integration. But my question is if i don’t want to use ZKTeco device implementing erpnext then what will be the best ever solution for this scenario.

Well, that’s a separate topic, and a subjective question that all depends on your particular criteria. To research devices, options and opinions a forum or web search are your best option for that.

ERPNext’s ‘Employee Checkin’ and ‘Auto Attendance’ is actually unaware of(doesn’t care about) the device/system being used for biometric integration. Hence, ERPNext’s Biometric Integration doesn’t have an advantage/dis-advantage based on the device being used for the biometric integration… So, you are free to use any Biometric System you like…

Here is a short note that might give you clarity on the ERPNext Biometric Integration: A Note on Biometric Integration in ERPNext · frappe/biometric-attendance-sync-tool Wiki · GitHub

Check if this device can be verified at http://developer.camsunit.com/. If verified you can use the integration service to integrate your SC105 device with your ERPNext server. The integration service details: ErpNext Integration - ErpNext Integration with Live Biometric Attendance System (from Ver.11.0.3) | Cams Biometrics

I am getting the below error when trying to connect to my device, any idea ?

zk.exception.ZKErrorResponse: Unauthenticated

any progress