1 company, many locations - how to set up users?

Not knowing another way, I entered each location as a new client when a client has multiple locations.

Is there a way to:

have each delivery location get there own invoicing?( company name - location X or Y or Z)

Allow multiple contacts(users?) that can log in under the same client name, but choose the location for which they are placing an order?

Thanks for any hints on how this can be done.


Each Customer you create can have multiple addresses. (Bill To and Ship To)

Hi there.

I did see that you can have multiple locations. Thanks for the reminder.

My issue then has to do with giving those who to the purchasing access to place orders.

How is this done?

I started by just creating a new user, and then realized that the user is not attached to any client. How can I link the two?

Secondly, I have 2 situations:
1 - 1 purchaser places the order for all 3 locations
2 - there is a purchaser for each of the individual locations

I would like to have 1 client with multiple locations.

How can this all be done?