10 million records for users

Dear Expert,

I might having a new scenario by having 10 million of user records for one of the application. Here below is my questions related to the Frappe framework :

  1. Any Benchmark that I can refer to the architecture design & specification of the cloud server/resources from ERPNext with above requirement ? *I have read through the ERPNext Scalability documentation. That mainly mentioned about the standard architecture design for scalability cloud server using Kurbenete and etc…

  2. From ERPNext Doctype, how good it can handle (view, save, search, delete record/s) at the BE ? Any benchmark of ? ms to process 1 mil to 10 mil records ? Example : To access the user doctype to login ? To access user doctype to get the authorization access ?

  3. What other issue might need to consider in ERPNext/Frappe with 5 mil to 10 mil master records ?

Your input or advice are highly appreciated.

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Can you elaborate which doctype(s) would have 10 million records? 10 million users, items, transactions, etc?

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Please check this blog post: Frappe & ERPNext Implementation at Makkah

This will give you an idea.


Divyesh Mangroliya


Dear Sir,

Thanks for you replying.
We are creating customize doctype to store membership profile.
And the members can go up to million.


This is a great information.
Appreciate and thanks for your infor sharing !!

Not sure any chance that I can have the contact of this architect designer? Or any Frappe team members had involved also consulting this implementation from architect design perspective?

Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks in advance.