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Hi Folks,

I have upgraded my erpnext version-11 to version-12 and am getting this error on signing in.

Kindly assist


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Try a bench migrate to sync the DB schemas

Hi Trentmu,

THanks for your response. I have tried bench migrate and attached is the error that I got
My server has an Internal Server Error Message Now.

It is a permissions error. What user are you running the commands as?


Have also tried with frappe user and still the same problem.


OK - generally, you should not run updates etc as root user, but the problem is not just that it seems.
You can try commenting out the particular patch that is failing and running the update again

Looks like one of your updates was run as user root, which then changed the ownership of the updated files to user=root. Subsequent updates then fail because of permissions. The fix is relatively simple… log in as the frappe user

cd ~/frappe-bench
sudo chown -R frappe:frappe ./
bench --site all migrate
bench update --reset


Thank alot for your support.Everything is back again.