13th Jan '22 Webinar 📢


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Happy new year to everybody and welcome to 2022.
Last time you attended a webinar on how you can contribute to ERPNext’s ecosystem? In continuation to that, now we will be showcasing how you can create an application to make ERPNext tax compliant as per the regional statutory requirement of that country?
The webinar will be held on Thursday, 13th January 2022 at 3 pm IST.


  1. Essentials for creating a Localisation/Regional App.
  2. Auto-creation of custom fields, tax ledgers, and templates
  3. Generating reports and JSON
  4. An example of how and what steps can be taken to contribute to the ERPNext ecosystem

The session will be conducted by our Accounting experts @nextchamp.saqib and @Deepesh_Garg. It’s not to be missed!

To join the webinar, click here. Speak soon.

Passcode (if req): 994615



This is great, I am very interested! Will the Webinar be recorded?

Will you also talk about how to translate the system to a different language?

I know about the TranslateTool / read the documentation, but if I understand correctly it uploads the suggested changes to a central server. I think in most cases it would be best to test the translations on a local server first, before submitting them. How is that possible?

Thank you,

Chart of Accounts?

Hey @nextchamp.saqib and @Deepesh_Garg , Thanks a lot for arranging online webinar on ZOOM. It’s really great news.

Yes, it will be recorded.

You can surely ask this during the webinar.

Do you want us to cover the COA part as well? If yes, it will be covered too in some part. You can always ask your questions during the QnA session.

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We are starting in 10 mins. Not to be missed for the developers and accounting consultants!

The session is also being live streamed on YouTube here.

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