2 Companies Sharing Items with different BOMs


I wonder if you know how to handle 2 Manufacturing Companies that need to manufacture the same Items at 2 different countries.

Background: I’ve set up 2 separate companies in ERPNext. 1 company is in Canada and the other one is in the USA. Both are manufacturing companies and some of the Items are made at both companies. In other words, these companies need to share the same Items. However, I believe the BOMs for each Item needs to be different because they are using 2 different currencies and different labor rate, electricity rate, wage rate, etc, and the currencies are defined in BOM.

Challenge: ERPNext seems to only allow 1 default BOM for each item. This poses a huge challenge because if I set the default BOM to the USD BOM, when I try to sell this item in the CAD, it’ll try to use the USD BOM, which is incorrect. In addition, if this BOM as sub-assembly item and that sub-assembly default is not in USD, it wouldn’t let me start the production.

Other than creating duplicate items (not ideal because the duplicate needs to have different name), do you have any suggestions on how to handle this situation?