2 doctype in timeline field?


I have custom doctype which has 2 link fields associated with Customer and Lead doctype respectively.

Field 1 : link_to (Select) : Options-Lead, Customer
Field 2 : lead (Link) : Options -Lead , (eval:doc.link_to== “Lead”)
Field 3: customer (Link) : Options -Customer (eval:doc.link_to== “Customer”)

Timeline Field of this custom doctype can take only one field, either Lead or Customer.

Now issue is, I want this custom doctype timeline field to be associated with Lead or Customer based on selection in “link_to” field.

Any suggestions?

Are you saying that there is a Field 4: timeline (Link) that is also in your custom doctype? What is the timeline field and what do you mean by: [quote]
associated with Lead or Customer

Timeline field seems to be core functionality of Doctype, you can find it in Setup → Doctype → Open Any Document (or Doctype)
please check the screen shot.

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I’m not sure how to change that field since it’s part of the initial setup of the doctype.

You could however leave the timeline field blank and write a custom script to insert information into the “Communication” doctype. You would just send “Lead” or “Customer” to it’s “timeline_doctype” field along with the other information needed. Just export some data from the “Communcation” doctype to see what you need to send and in what format.

Thanks @Dbone,

It’s a good Idea, do you have any custom script which I can pass in form submit event to update communication doctype?