2 Domain Same ERP

I have installed and its working fine. My domain is
https://site1.xxx.com and it is mapped with some IP. (ssl installed)
The issue is that when my IP is not accessible my erp cannot be reached.

I have another public IP
what I want to do is, make another site and map it with this IP but should go to the same ERP
site1.xxx.com to IP-1
site2.xxx.com to IP-2
both to the same erp.

is that possible ?

hello, yes i think it is possible using custom domain

Yes, you can use multiple domains with one ERPNext instance. But this also sounds like a use case for Dynamic DNS, which would allow you to stick with one domain:


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I am going to do it this weekend. So that if my server is down the work is not affected. I will tell you the update. Thanks in advance

I have added the new domain. but the issue is that when i open it, it forwards to the https no matter what, and then says

I have made the following changes in the nginx config

server {
listen 80;
listen [::]:80;
server_name erp.123.com;
return 301 https://erp.123$request_uri;

at first it was sending all to https. now i have explicitly asked it to send erp.123.com but still it does not do that.
Nor does it open via the local IP.

Please help

hello, if your main nginx site config working on http (port 80) you dont need the redirect part, also the redirect should be (return 301 http://erp.123$request_uri;) without “s”,

for the last problem, if you using chrome maybe you need to reset the hsts for this domain so you can access it with just http, look for “chrome https reset” on google

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I checked again and again and I was successful :slight_smile:
I was making changes in nginx file. I should have been making the changes in the conf.d/* conf file.
and like you said, just remove the “s” and it worked.

Many thanks brother…